I was afraid this might happen

Although I have never really owned many firearms I have always enjoyed shooting and target practice. When I was in the Army I got to shoot the M-14 and M-16 rifles and those memories are still strong. The only firearms I have ever owned were a 22 revolver and a Ruger Mini-14 22 rifle. I gave both of those to my brother Jon when I was going through my 2nd divorce and have not owned any firearms until I recently bought my Mossberg 590 12 ga. shotgun. Needless to say I have really enjoyed owning and shooting my Mossberg.

But now I want another firearm. I have no real need for one but the desire to own a pistol has become very compelling. You can get a concealed carry permit in Virginia and I must admit that there have been times where it would have been nice to have had a weapon to protect myself. As a result of this compulsion I have been looking at different pistols and ammunition and I have decided on a Glock pistol firing .40 S&W ammunition. There are three basic models of Glock firing .40 S&W, standard, compact and subcompact. I think I want the standard because I don’t think I will carry it concealed often, if at all. I recently fired a Glock in .40 S&W that my brother Jon owned and I really liked it. It was lighter than a 45 caliber that my brother also had and it seemed to be more accurate.

Glock 22
Glock 22

Fortunately, with Christmas fast approaching, I cannot justify spending the money to buy a Glock. So that will give me some time to consider whether I need or desire a new pistol. But I have a sneaking feeling that before too long I will be compelled by forces beyond my control to add a Glock to my burgeoning firearms collection.

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