Thanksgiving is almost here. Lots to be thankful for.

Life has been good to me since I retired in April. I have a lot more time now to do the things that I like to do. From reading, working on my blog, working around the house and building model rockets, I have no problem filling my days with things to do. I have become more involved in church and my church has become a big part of my life. We had our Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday and the food was delicious and plentiful. I guess you could say my life recently has become delicious and plentiful.

On Thanksgiving Day we will be having our Thanksgiving meal at the Smithfield Station in Smithfield. We had Thanksgiving dinner there last year and everyone had a great time. This time my son Jason will join us so it will be that much better this year. We have a new President who will hopefully safely steer our country ahead for the next four years. He has my support and prayers even though he was not the candidate I voted for.

While everyone is crying doom and gloom over the economy we are fortunate that we have not had to change our lifestyle too much. I was worried that now that I was retired I would not be able to travel as much as I wanted but now that the price of gas has plummeted that fear has vanished for now. I am really enjoying my new shotgun and have had fun shooting it with my brother Jon. I  plan on getting Jason and Teresa to go with me some day and shoot it.

So all things considered this has been a great year and I see good things ahead for myself and my loved ones. So this Thanksgiving Day when I am surrounded by friends, family and good food I can be thankful that life has been so kind to us. I hope life will be equally kind to you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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