This is my personal blog. In this blog I write about my life experiences, the day to day events of my life. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia with Teresa, Kirk and my dog Cali. I am retired after 30 years with the federal government. I am enjoying my retirement. In my spare time, which I now have a lot of, I enjoy social media, technology, photography, reading, outdoor activities, guns and travel. I am active in my local church, being an elder, treasurer and having various other duties. I also volunteer on weekends at my local animal shelter.

One thought on “About

  1. I would be interested to know your opinion of C2 shooting range in Pungo. An acquaintance mentioned it, and said they offer training for someone interested in CCW permit.

    It might be helpful to know if your perspective is LEO or mil.

    I’m a graphic designer / writer, myself, but my dad gave me a .22 when I was 10, and took all the kids to junior NRA for range safety training and marksmanship. Stays with you.

    Now I’m interested in personal safety for myself and training for other, as it seems inevitable from the unfolding events that home intrusions, robberies, and such will be on the rise.

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