Hope for our future

Last Saturday, on the hottest day on record, I helped as a range safety officer for a Southeast Regional youth shoot at our range in Wakefield. The meet was for young men and women (young teens) to come together for a fun day of shooting their clubs .22 caliber rifles and pistols at paper and steel targets. It was an all day event with dozens of young teens attending from several 4H and other organization clubs. I was one of 4 range safety officers there to make sure no one was injured. Most of the participants were very familiar with gun safety, so I only had to intervene a few times, mostly with parents. The teens had a great time shooting at first paper targets and then later at steel silhouettes of pigs and chickens.

From what I could observe, most of the teens were very good shots and took the event very seriously. There were a number of beautiful rifles being used and a few revolvers. It turned out that the biggest safety concern was the heat and humidity. I think the high temperature was 105 with the ever present southern humidity. Several teens had to be taken off-line to be treated for the onset of heat related problems. I managed to stay in the shade most of the time but I still drank a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Everyone had a great time and I was delighted to see so many teens and their families participating in a great sport. The love of firearms by Americans has not diminished over the years, despite attempts by some misguided groups to take away our second amendment right. I only wish that I had been introduced to shooting as a child. My dad loved hunting but I never went on a hunting trip with him. I actually hate hunting today, but my love of guns has only grown over the years. I have included a link to a short video I took of the event. That is all.

I was afraid this might happen

Although I have never really owned many firearms I have always enjoyed shooting and target practice. When I was in the Army I got to shoot the M-14 and M-16 rifles and those memories are still strong. The only firearms I have ever owned were a 22 revolver and a Ruger Mini-14 22 rifle. I gave both of those to my brother Jon when I was going through my 2nd divorce and have not owned any firearms until I recently bought my Mossberg 590 12 ga. shotgun. Needless to say I have really enjoyed owning and shooting my Mossberg.

But now I want another firearm. I have no real need for one but the desire to own a pistol has become very compelling. You can get a concealed carry permit in Virginia and I must admit that there have been times where it would have been nice to have had a weapon to protect myself. As a result of this compulsion I have been looking at different pistols and ammunition and I have decided on a Glock pistol firing .40 S&W ammunition. There are three basic models of Glock firing .40 S&W, standard, compact and subcompact. I think I want the standard because I don’t think I will carry it concealed often, if at all. I recently fired a Glock in .40 S&W that my brother Jon owned and I really liked it. It was lighter than a 45 caliber that my brother also had and it seemed to be more accurate.

Glock 22
Glock 22

Fortunately, with Christmas fast approaching, I cannot justify spending the money to buy a Glock. So that will give me some time to consider whether I need or desire a new pistol. But I have a sneaking feeling that before too long I will be compelled by forces beyond my control to add a Glock to my burgeoning firearms collection.