Moved to a new hosting service.

I have been busy the last few days moving my WordPress blog, my photo galleries and my MovableType blogs to a new hosting service. The last straw with my old hosting service, Bluedomino, came when they again failed to fix a problem that they had caused on their servers. As usual their support staff was completely useless. All they know how to do is tell you that it is your problem when in fact every service call I ever placed with them was something wrong with their servers. So I bought a new domain with The new domain name is ‘TheMindofTefft’ and I will be using it from now on. It is also a .com domain instead of the .org of my old domain. I have been able to successfully move everything to my new hosting service with far less problems than I had anticipated. There are still a few details left before I can call Bluedomino and tell them to cancel my service. I just hope GoDaddy will be a better hosting service than Bluedomino was. So far things look pretty good for GoDaddy and to make it a sweeter deal GoDaddy is three times cheaper than Bluedomino. I should have dumped them a long time ago.

One thought on “Moved to a new hosting service.

  1. I completely agree that Godaddy is pretty darn good. I switched from an expensive name server place and have been totally happy. I do use coupon codes to save money and thought you might be able to use them for your renewals.
    For .Com’s, you can use RRTV3. Gets them for like 30% off.

    For packages try RRTV1 for 10% off. Or RRTV2 for $5 off $30 or more.

    Hope that helps to save even more money with Godaddy!

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