Busy, Busy, Busy

I seem to have found a source of energy that I have not previously tapped into. For the last few days I have been busy with a number of things. I went shooting with my brother Jon at a friend of his house in NC. I brought my shotgun and Jon brought two pistols and an 8mm German Mauser rifle. We shot up some pumpkins and made a target out of some plywood and paint. We had a great time despite a NC sheriff stopping by to make sure we were legal. I started back with building a new model rocket to launch. It has been a while since my last launch and I am looking forward to getting the new rocket into the air. I have also ordered a skill level 2 rocket which will provide me with a little more challenge to build.

I also bought a Roku Netflix player which I am enjoying immensely. With the Roku hooked to my HDTV and my wireless network I can instantly stream a huge selection of movies and TV shows directly to the HDTV. I no longer have to wait for the movies to come in the mail. Between watching movies I am also finding the time to continue with my Teaching Company DVD’s. I am currently watching a series on modern economics. Previously I watched lectures on philosophy and mathematics. I love to learn new things and hopefully keeping my mind active will thwart any dementia in my fast approaching old age.

Tomorrow I am going to get my flu shot and later in the month I need to get my drivers license renewed and my truck inspected. Today I attended a lecture by Nobel Laureate Dr. John Mather at Old Dominion University. The lecture was titled – ‘From the Big Bang to the Nobel Prize and on to James Webb Space Telescope and the Discovery of Alien Life.’ The lecture was very interesting and I look forward to attending others. It sure is great being retired and having the time to do things like this.

Lastly, I spent some money and bought a professionally done WordPress theme for my blog. I installed it today and have been busy modifying and editing it. It looks a lot better than my old theme and I am hoping that it will bring more visitors to my site. I wonder what next week will bring. I look forward to finding out.

A Friday at home.

Teresa is working at Jeb’s today so it was just Kirk, Max, and me. I was not feeling very well this morning so I laid around for a couple of hours and then decided to take Kirk to the mall for a while. We jumped into the truck and off we went. Once we got to the mall I was feeling a little better but not 100 percent so we didn’t do much shopping. I bought Kirk a drink and then I got him into one of those machines that takes you photo and then makes a caricature or a line drawing of the photo. For $2.00 you get two photos taken and one of them drawn and printed out. I had a hard time getting Kirk to look into the camera so we only got a half portrait of Kirk to take home. It was really not that bad but I plan on taking him back when I am feeling better and get another one done.

In other news, I have been upgrading my applications on the web. My WordPress blog has a new theme and some new plugins and I upgraded my Joomla CMS to the newest iteration. I have been tempted lately to buy a new PC or a laptop to replace the old one I am currently using, but for now I can’t really justify the expenditure, especially since I am living on my retirement annuity.

Last night I called a transition team meeting at our church to work on a vision and mission statement. We had previously written a behavioral covenant but we have never had a vision and mission statement. We made great progress on the vision statement and with a little wordsmithing it should be done soon. I will have to call another meeting to put together a mission statement. That’s it for now.


Moved to a new hosting service.

I have been busy the last few days moving my WordPress blog, my photo galleries and my MovableType blogs to a new hosting service. The last straw with my old hosting service, Bluedomino, came when they again failed to fix a problem that they had caused on their servers. As usual their support staff was completely useless. All they know how to do is tell you that it is your problem when in fact every service call I ever placed with them was something wrong with their servers. So I bought a new domain with GoDaddy.com. The new domain name is ‘TheMindofTefft’ and I will be using it from now on. It is also a .com domain instead of the .org of my old domain. I have been able to successfully move everything to my new hosting service with far less problems than I had anticipated. There are still a few details left before I can call Bluedomino and tell them to cancel my service. I just hope GoDaddy will be a better hosting service than Bluedomino was. So far things look pretty good for GoDaddy and to make it a sweeter deal GoDaddy is three times cheaper than Bluedomino. I should have dumped them a long time ago.