Beautiful Saturday

Today was a beautiful Spring Day. I got up fairly early and finished cleaning up the front yard. I had mowed the yard yesterday but I had to rake and weed to finish up. The weather was so nice that I just laid in the yard for a while after finishing. Max was outside with me and he was enjoying the weather as much as I was. Later Max and I went for a walk at Sleepy Hole Park. On the way home I stopped and bought some fish dinners from the Drive Volunteer Fire Department who was having a fish dinner fund raiser. The dinners were the best fish dinners I ever had. They had three pieces of delicious fish with baked beans, cole slaw and FOUR hush puppies. I love hush puppies. Later Teresa and I went nursery shopping and bought some flowers to add to the garden. I finished up the day by mowing the back yard. So most of the yard work is done for now. Tomorrow is the Tefft Family picnic at the Botanical Gardens and the weather promises to be beautiful again. So the weekend is turning out to be a great one. It is just too bad what happened at Virginia Tech earlier this week. What a terrible tragedy for Virginia and our country. I just don’t understand how things like that can happen. What kind of insanity could lead someone to do something so horrific? I am almost sorry that the killer committed suicide. I wish he had survived so he could be tried and executed. He got off way to easy. I just hope he is burning in hell as I write this. I will probably make another entry in my blog tomorrow after the picnic and I hope to post some photographs from the picnic. The botanical gardens should be beautiful this time of the year.

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