New blog, retirement, etc.

I have not had a chance to make any entries in this blog as I have been busy with my new WordPress blog. I have tried to produce an entry a day in the new blog but that has proven hard to do. I have had several comments on my new blog including one from Doc Searls and one from Scott Sigler. It is very exciting to know that famous people have actually read my blog and taken the time to leave a comment. That has inspired me to put even more effort into it, unfortunately at the expense of this blog. It has been a busy week since my last entry. Kirk spent most of the week with his Grandparents in North Carolina. Teresa is only two weeks away from retiring and still very nervous about it. Myself, I finally joined the pool here at work and have started swimming again. I really need to get back in shape because I plan on doing a lot of backpacking this year. The trip to Nevada to attend the LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ship) competition is still on for July and I am really looking forward to that. While I am in Nevada I also plan on doing some exploration of the area including jaunts to California and Arizona to see some of the desert towns in the area. I also hope to be able to drive to the Colorado River and take a look at it. That’s it for this entry. I hope I will be able to update this blog more often.

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