What a Week !

I hope I don’t have any more weeks like the last week anytime soon. Last Saturday my hosting service had a problem that affected all scripting. My main site was down for two days, my wiki another day and my blog, the one I am using now, was not restored until today. It took numerous emails to the support department before I think I finally cajoled them into fixing the problem. It probably took them all of ten minutes to actually correct the problem, but my blog was down for almost a week. I had just gone through a similar ordeal with my ASP.net hosting service. My site with them was down for three days. Funny that both of them guarantee 99.9 % uptime. I guess guarantee’s like those are pretty much worthless in reality. I guess that is to be expected when you only pay about $18.00 a month for service. But for now both my sites are up and running. I have also had another issue with Apple and their iTunes music store but that is a story of epic proportions, the telling of which can only be justified by a separate blog entry. I hope this weekend will be one in which I can recover from the travails of the week.

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