Spending my tax return

With my federal income tax return burning a hole in my pocket, I had to spend some of it. My choices were: a shotgun, more backpacking supplies, a new computer, scuba diving equipment, or a trip somewhere. So far, I have purchased a Sony Playstation 2 and two games. That cost me about $200.00. I think it was a pretty good investment as I am having a lot of fun playing ‘Ace Combat Zero, the Belkan War’ and ‘Brothers in Arms – Earned in Blood’. The only problem is that I am getting carpal tunnel thumb playing the games. I think I am going to spend the rest on backpacking supplies. I really want to go backpacking this Summer. I am joining the Tidewater Appalachian Trail Club so that I will have someone to go backpacking with. I don’t think that my age (57) will be much of a problem as I am in pretty good shape. Hell, a 70 year old Japanese man just summitted Mt. Everest. I still have many good years left in me I hope.

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