ancestor.gifI have been listening to a podcast from Scott Sigler called ‘Earthcore’. It is the first novel released as a podcast only. I have really enjoyed the novel a lot. It is very well written and read. It is released in installments that I download via iTunes. Each installment is several chapters long. The quality of the novel is on a par with most of the audio books I download for money from From the authors web site” And here we go! EarthCore officially kicks off today with the Prologue. In the Prologue, you get just a taste of the evil buried deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Get ready for ‘Death from Below.’ Next week we slap you upside the head with Chapters 1-4.

Warning! This is not a kid’s book — EarthCore runs the gamut of politically incorrect topics, from language to sex to raw violence.

I have four installments left before I am done and I am really addicted to this book. The author has released a new podcast called ‘Ancestor’. If it is as well done as his first effort, I will be downloading it before I finish the first one. Click on the icon in this entry to get the authors latest podcast.

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