Why a chore?

Why does it seem so hard to write a blog entry sometimes? There is a lot going on in my life but I just don’t feel compelled to write about it. Anyway, what is happening in my life lately. Work has been going well, Shakespeare has settled down and stopped tearing up the house, our new tenant Michelle is very sweet and keeps a low profile, and I have been feeling generally well health wise. I bought a PlayStation 2 and a hundred dollar gift certificate for a child named Xavier through our church. He is from a disadvantaged family. Plans are in the final stages for the trip to Italy. I have reconfirmed our hotel reservations and I just received two pocket guides to Rome and Florence as well as a really nice laminated folding map of Rome with lots of other useful information. I already had a similar map for Florence. So I should be really excited about things but for some reason I am not. Maybe it is the weather or maybe it is something I ate.. Who knows. Anyway, I hope my spirits will pickup again soon. Oh, I know now, it is the typical holiday blues I feel every year. Yeah, thats the ticket….

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