Long time no write

About time I wrote something here. After all I have had a lot going on lately. I have been in a gadget buying frenzy the last week or so. I have bought a new DVD-RW drive, a 320 GB Sata drive, and 2 GB of memory for Teresa’s (and my) new Dell. I was just not satisfied with the computer as it was, I needed MORE power. Well everything is installed except for the memory which I hope will be delivered today. I have also received my new Panasonic camcorder which I have been using to madly record everything around me. I reall love the new camcorder, it is even better that I expected it to be.

I have made all the arrangements for my trip to Primm, Nevada in July. I have the airplane tickets and reservations made at Wiskey Petes in Primm and the Hotel Nipton in Nipton, CA. I plan on spending my last two day staying in Nipton so that I can explore the Mohave Desert. It seems just watching large, dangerous rockets is not enough for me. We have had more gloomy weather which has prevented me from hiking to Lake Drummond in the Great Dismal Swamp as planned last week but the weather forecast for this weekend looks promising. I will be taking my new camcorder with me so expect to see some video and pictures of my mini vacation. Than’t all folks. 


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