Sunday Evening

Been a really hot and humid weekend. Stayed in most of the weekend. I did get out Saturday morning and evening to mow the yard. My riding mower is broken so I have been using my gas-powered push mower. Hot, sweaty work, maybe I will lose a pound or two if I don’t have a heat stroke. Teresa and I went to Driver saturday to buy an iron fence gate for the rental house. I took a few pictures of this classic Ford coupe that was parked there. I sure wish they made cars like that again. Check out my photo gallery (Regatta Album) and see for yourself. The Friday before the weekend I took a zillion photos of the 11th Annual Hampton Power Boat Regatta running at Ft. Monroe. I know the event director so I was able to get a pit pass to get up close and personal with the boats. Again, check out the photo gallery. One last note, I will be TDY to Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri for 4 days next week, so I won’t be posting anything until Friday. I am looking forward to going on the trip and seeing the Army in action. It has been 33 years since I was in the Army and things sure have changed since then.

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