A Winters Day

The fourth winter storm of the season is upon us this Monday. The last three storms dumped 3, 8, and 3 inches of snow respectively on us. Today’s  storm is supposed to be in the 1-4 inch category with the  chance of a quarter inch of ice thrown in for good measure. So far the bulk of the storm seems to be passing us to the north and west. Fine by me. I don’t mind cold weather but I do mind dark, cold, windy days; which the majority of days this winter have been. Spring will be most welcome.

I ordered a 7.9 inch Chinese clone table from Pandawill.com over two weeks ago and it still has not arrived. I realize that it actually ships from the Far East but almost three weeks and nothing yet? I opened a dispute for non-delivery with PayPal. Will have to wait and see what comes of it.

I have had a prolonged case of cabin fever this winter and I really need to take a mini-vacation as soon as the weather improves. I am thinking of visiting Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware for a weekend. It is an easy days drive away and I have never been there. Max, my dog, would love to go along I am sure. Just have to check and see if dogs are allowed.

So I guess I will spend the rest of the day watching how the storm develops and watch some of my Great Courses videos. My current one is the “Origin and Evolution of Earth”. So far I has been pretty interesting.

That’s it for now. Peace and may God Bless you and yours.

Deep in Winter

Hello. Back again after a few months hiatus. The big news I guess is the weather. We have had quite a winter here in South Eastern Virginia. As of today, February 17th, we have had 3 significant snowfalls. The first one was about 3 inches, soon followed by a big winter storm that left us with 8 inches of snow and bad road conditions for several days. The last one left another 3 inches which was quickly melted by rain the next day. I would not be surprised if we have not seen our last snowfall of the winter. Everyone is looking forward to Spring by now.

So what else is new? Let me think for a moment. Ah, as usual technology news. I bought a fancy dash camera for my Honda Element. It records automatically as soon as you turn on the ignition and turns off when you turn off the ignition. It can record in segments of 2, 3, or 5 minutes until it fills up the SD card. It records in 1080i resolution with audio. I have had it for a couple of weeks now and the video is really nice. If I ever get into an accident I will have a video record of it as  it has a g sensor that stops the recording if an impact is detected. Another toy, albeit useful one.

I have also ordered a new tablet to replace my Nexus 7 which has become increasingly sluggish up to the point of uselessness. I ordered a Chinese made 7.9 inch tablet so I will see how it works.

Piano lessons are going well. I never expect to become really proficient but it is a lot of fun and keeps me occupied. Otherwise my time is spent reading, doing Bible studies, taking Max for walks, and photography. I think Max and  I have been to every park there is in the Hampton Roads area. Time for a road trip one of these day.

Enough for now. 

Snowy woods