Crazy Cold Weather

SnowFebruary has been quite the month weather wise. It has snowed three times with the most recent blanketing the area with 3 inches or more. But the real story has been the cold. Overnight we had the coldest temperatures in 21 years. It was down to zero degrees overnight without a wind chill. We have had numerous days when the high temperature of the day never reached freezing and the nighttime lows were in the single digits. As I write this the snow outside has been frozen into solid ice that you can walk on without leaving a mark.

We have had numerous winter weather watches and wind chill warnings along with coastal flooding and high winds. Last year we had 4 major snowfalls but never temperatures like this. More of the same is expected for tomorrow and it won’t be until Saturday that some relief from the frigid temperatures starts to thaw things out. Last nights Ash Wednesday service was cancelled as was our once a month breakfast meal for the homeless at the Oasis Mission.

I will be glad when this winter is over, if it ever ends. Damn you Punxsutawney Phil. Well at least I’m not Bill Murray and stuck in Groundhog Day.

Spring Update

Winter is over and Spring is here finally. The weather has improved although not as much as I would have liked. On the news front my new tablet arrived from Pandawill. Overall I am very happy with it. It is a good replacement for my defunct Nexus 7. We had the annual Tefft family picnic at Woodstock Park in Virginia Beach last Sunday. Most everyone was able to make it.  The weather cooperated and everyone had a good time enjoying the food and catching up with everyone on what was going on in their lives. My son Jason was there and he has grown into a man whom I love very much and am proud of. All my brothers seem to be doing well.

Skip is planting a large garden on a plot near where he lives. Speaking of gardens, our church has committed to supporting some local merchants by letting them set up a farmers market every Saturday on our property. There will be eight or nine vendors who will be selling produce, meats, and crafts. I am really looking forward to it as I plan on being one of their customers. I can always use some farm fresh produce. I also plan to go to the farmers market that is held in Williamsburg every weekend. My brothers Jon and Skip want to go with me as well as my son Jason. It should be a fun outing as I have not been to Williamsburg in a long time.

I have been busy at church especially during Lent and Easter. We had our Maundy Thursday portrayal and our cantata. Both were a great success. This Monday I will be a waiter at the annual Mother Daughter Banquet, a long tradition. That is about it for now. Hope to keep you posted more often. May God bless you and yours. Peace.


Brother Jon Family at picnic My son Jason

This, that, and the other.

There is more crazy weather to report. Yesterday it was 78
degrees, 2 degrees short of a record high. The rest of February looks like it
is going to have temperatures well above average. Looks like winter never came
this year, we are going to go from Fall to Spring with no winter in between. I
have been very busy at work and my spare time has been occupied with our New
Beginnings cottage meetings at church. I have been hosting the meetings at our
house. There is going to be a church retreat in a couple of weeks which I am
going to attend. I went to one last year and it was a very rewarding
experience. It looks like I will really be retiring this year and there may
ever be some VSIP money ($25,000) available this time. The VSIP money would
help a great deal with buying our new house wherever we decide to move. I have got
to make Hungarian goulash tonight for our office specialty potluck dinner. Enough