Flying, shooting and eating

It has been a busy time since my last entry here. Yesterday we had a family picnic at Red Wing park in Virginia Beach. We had a nice time except things didn’t seem the same without our mother there.

On Saturday I went to the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo to listen to Col. Darryll Welch give a talk on his career as an aviator during WWII. He was a fighter ace who flew in the Mediterranean against the Germans. He flew the P-38 Lightning, which was a twin tailed, twin engine fighter. He is 91 years old and his stories of his war experience were enthralling. After his talk there was a flight demonstration of a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter. I took a lot of photos and video, one of which I will post here.

I went shooting again at the C2 range in  Pungo. This time I took my Mossberg 590 shotgun with me. After 35 rounds of 00 buck shot I have a bruised shoulder and a lot of targets full of holes. That shotgun has a big kick and a lot of firepower. I had a set of night sights put on my Glock by the gunsmith at Bob’s Gun Shop.

My truck is back from the shop. It cost a lot of money but she is running fine now. I hope she will keep running for a while until I can buy another truck or car. I am thinking of buying something at auction.

This coming weekend I will be heading to Washington by bus with 40 other persons to attend the 9/12 rally. This is part of the effort by Glenn Beck of Foxnews to send a message to our government about our concerns with the direction our government is headed. There will be hundreds of thousands of other patriots in attendance and it should be one of the biggest protests in recent history. I am excited about being a part of history in the making. I just hope that President Obama will get the message we are trying to convey instead of belittling and dismissing us as he has in the past.

P-40 Warhawk

My truck is in the shop

My Ford Ranger pick-up truck, which I have been driving forever, had to be towed to a garage for repairs. I have had the truck for about 12 years and it has been very good to me, requiring only minor repairs and maintenance.

The clutch has finally gone, and there are several other minor problems that need to be addressed. Together I am looking at a repair bill of over $1,000. Considering that I have not made a car payment in 12 years I consider myself way ahead in the game.

People who have owned vehicles for a long time develop a relationship with them, and I am no  different. I am eventually going to have to sell her (see I told you you develop a relationship) and she will be missed and much appreciated. But for now I look forward to getting her back as I have been without wheels since we got back from vacation in Hawaii.

In other news, we had a beautiful installation service for our new pastor, Marty Phillips. As a church elder I was asked by Marty to help perform communion for him, a real honor. The church was filled with Marty’s family and friends and it was a beautiful service. We are very lucky to have Marty as our new pastor and I look for great things to come for our church with Marty  as our spiritual leader.

That’s it for now.