Trying to save our country 1 day at a time.

Our local Hampton Roads Tea Party organization organized a rally against Obamacare and cap & trade yesterday. We had people at all our Senators and Congressmen offices in the area. It was part of a nationwide rally that was to be held in 1600 locations around the country.

I attended the rally at Senator Mark Warner’s office in Norfolk. We had hoped for over 100 people to attend but there were only 20 or so while I was there. I think we still managed to get our message across to the people on the street. We also visited Senator Warner’s office in small groups and talked to his representative. I have included a couple of photos I took at the rally.

I have been busy attending rallies, campaigning for Bob McDonnell for Governor, and writing lots of letters and emails to our elected officials. President Obama is spending our country into a depression with no visible signs that his spending has accomplished anything positive. He has surrounded himself with opponents of the second amendment as well as those who show little or no respect for our Constitution. His nominee for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, is opposed to everything I  believe in.

But this blog is not for my political views so I will say no more other than I am getting ready to jump in the pool.


Tea Party

Yesterday I went to a Tea Party in Virginia Beach. This was just one of many Tea Parties being held across the nation on tax day. The Tea Parties are a grassroots response to the recent bailouts, stimulus packages and ruinous government spending that is saddling the next generations with an enormous debt. They are also a response to ever increasing taxes and politicians who no longer listen to the wishes of the citizens who voted for them.

The turnout was much larger than anticipated and much larger than was reported by the mainstream media, who did their best to ignore the parties. In fact the party was held directly across from  TV station WTKR who did not bother to cover the story of 2000 people gathering to protest against big government. Everyone had a lot of fun and there were many funny signs and costumes in evidence. I took several photos and videos which I have already published to Flickr and YouTube.

In other news, I am writing this post on my new Dell Mini 9 netbook computer. The Dell allows me to surf the web from anywhere in the house, which is really great. I am writing this right now from the living room. I also went shooting with my brother Jon down in NC again. This time I took my Glock, my Mossberg shotgun and my new DPMS M4 carbine with me. Didn’t shoot as much as I wanted to because ammunition is becoming both expensive and scarce thanks to Obama and an administration that has no respect for the Constitution.

That’s it for now.