Super Bowl Sunday and I don’t really care.

I will be watching the Super Bowl today but I don’t live and breathe Super Bowl. I won’t watch any of the pre-game stuff and don’t really care too much who wins, except I am always rooting for the underdog. At halftime I will probably switch the channel or read some more of my book. No matter who wins I won’t care much one way or the other. On the other hand the upcoming decision about who will be the Democratic and Republican candidate for the next President has a great deal of my attention. I think it is critical that America elect a President who can best find a policy to effectively deal with the ongoing threat of Islamic fascism that is threatening our way of life and the whole world. The other issues such as the economy, immigration, health care, etc. are important but none of those threaten the very fabric of our society. So I will be following the candidates closely and I pray that when the time comes to vote that I and every other voter will vote their conscience and elect the right next President. Go Giants !!!!

Happy birthday to me.

Today is my 59th birthday. Not going to say anything about that except that we had cake and ice cream to celebrate. I took a walk at Newport News Park just to stretch my legs. I need to exercise more as I get older as it is very hard to keep the weight off without exercising. As soon as I get my payback amount for my military service I am going to set a date to retire by August. Not exactly sure what my long term plans are except I want to travel and I want to move from this area. I need to start doing my taxes again as tax time is fast approaching. Next Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and I will be rooting for the New York Giants. Just some of the scattered thoughts meandering through my mind.