Trying to better myself

I have always been interested in politics and since retirement I have become involved in state politics. Now that Bush is out of office and Obama is in, politics has taken on a new meaning. During the last few years of Bush’s administration he started to act like a liberal Democrat and now we have a far-left Democrat in office. Between the two of them our country has started down the road to fiscal irresponsibility, bigger government, erosion of the Constitution and a disturbing trend towards socialism and a welfare state.
In order to be better informed and make wise choices about who I vote for and what policies and practices I will support, I have started to read more about economics, history, and politics. For a few years now I have watched lectures from the Teaching Company about philosophy, history, economics, science, mathematics and political history. Right now I am watching a lecture series on the history of conservatism.
As for reading, I have been reading quite a few books lately. Some of the titles are:

  • The Five Thousand Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen
  • Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  • Liberty & Tyranny by Mark Levin
  • Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck
  • Rights of Man by Thomas Paine
  • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

I get into a lot of debates on Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed and I need to be better educated and informed in order to present a persuasive argument in support of my beliefs. I am truly concerned about the future of our country and I intend to do everything I can to prevent our country from heading in the wrong direction.

I am off the soap box for now. There are a lot of other things going on but I will save them for another day.

Hot weather is here.

Today the high was 97 degrees with a heat index of 114 degrees. I managed to plant grass seed in the far back of the yard that we just had graded. I will have to water the seed for the next 21 days and pray that it grows. Right now it is a dust bowl back there. I managed to mow part of the back yard before the heat and humidity became too much. The rest of the weekend and first part of next week are going to be much the same. Isn’t Summer still a couple of weeks away? Since I have been forced inside I have been doing a lot of reading and listening to podcasts. I finished ‘A Canticle for Leibowitz’ and have started started a collection of short stories titled ‘Beyond Armageddon.’ I am still looking for a gym or health center to join so that I can start losing some weight and get back into shape. I want to be in good condition when we go hiking in Yellowstone later this year. I also have decided that I am going to travel to Florida in October and see the next Shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral. The space program has been a part of my life since childhood and I really want to see a launch before I die. So come hell or high water I will be in Florida this October to watch STS-125 take off. It will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of my life.