Trying to save our country 1 day at a time.

Our local Hampton Roads Tea Party organization organized a rally against Obamacare and cap & trade yesterday. We had people at all our Senators and Congressmen offices in the area. It was part of a nationwide rally that was to be held in 1600 locations around the country.

I attended the rally at Senator Mark Warner’s office in Norfolk. We had hoped for over 100 people to attend but there were only 20 or so while I was there. I think we still managed to get our message across to the people on the street. We also visited Senator Warner’s office in small groups and talked to his representative. I have included a couple of photos I took at the rally.

I have been busy attending rallies, campaigning for Bob McDonnell for Governor, and writing lots of letters and emails to our elected officials. President Obama is spending our country into a depression with no visible signs that his spending has accomplished anything positive. He has surrounded himself with opponents of the second amendment as well as those who show little or no respect for our Constitution. His nominee for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, is opposed to everything I  believe in.

But this blog is not for my political views so I will say no more other than I am getting ready to jump in the pool.


McCain Palin rally

I woke up early today so that I could attend a John McCain, Sarah Palin rally at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. I wanted to get there as soon as I could because I knew there would be a lot of traffic associated with the event. Sure enough, the traffic headed towards the convention center was heavy but I managed to get there without too much trouble. After driving around a while in Virginia Beach I found a municipal parking lot about four blocks from the center. I joined hundreds of others who were walking to the center and ended up in a long line waiting to be screened by security before entering the center.

The line moved quickly and we were entertained by some vendors and Obama supporters. Once inside it was about an hour wait before the program was to start. At my age standing up for several hours on a concrete floor is uncomfortable but I was determined to stay for the entire program. Promptly at 10 am the first of three local politicians, Thelma Drake, delivered the opening speech. She was followed by Randy Forbes and the Attorney General of Virginia. Next came a pleasant surprise as Hank Williams Jr. performed for the audience of about 25,000. He sang about 6 songs before introducing Sarah Palin, John McCain, and their spouses.

The audience was wildly appreciative of all the speakers and the speeches themselves were very good. This was the first political rally I have ever attended and I enjoyed it a lot. I shot a lot of video as well as some still shots. If McCain is elected President he will be the third President I have seen in person. It is really special to see in person the people who I have been reading and hearing about so much and who I will be voting for in November. This will be one of those days that I will remember for the rest of my life and was well worth the traffic and the standing for hours. Who knows, maybe after being so excited about this rally I may be motivated to travel to DC to see the inauguration in January. That’s it for now.