Summertime, and the living’s easy.

Went back to the optometrist and had my prescription changed and now my contacts are much better. I can read small print now without reading glasses as well as see at a distance. Overall I am very happy with them. Now if I can just get better and putting them in and taking them out.

I went to the C2 outdoor range in Pungo to shoot my M4 carbine. I have got the red dot sight zeroed in now. I finally found a way to mount my 3x multiplier so that it works with my red dot. Next time I go to the range I will have to zero it again. Then I should be able to use the sight well beyond 50 yards.

I have been using a battery operated pump to drain the water from the pool cover. There was a lot more water to drain than I thought and it has been a slow process. I hope to be able to remove the cover tomorrow if it doesn’t rain again. We are really looking forward to being able to use the pool again this summer.

Finally,the pulpit committee (of which I am a member) presented our candidate for minister for our church to the board last night. Things went pretty well but the board requested a meet-and-greet for Wednesday for our candidate. I am sure they will feel the same way we do about about our candidate.

That’s it for now. More going on but I’m tired of writing.

Heading to Hawaii

We have not been on a long vacation since our last trip to Key West Florida several years ago. I have always wanted to go to Alaska but Teresa is not taken with Alaska like I am. So we decided to compromise and take our next vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Actually, I am almost as excited about going to Hawaii as I would have been about going to Alaska. I was able to find plane tickets at a really good price so I  jumped on them. We will be staying on the west side of the Big Island for 4 days and then we will spend 3 night on the east side of the island.

One of the places we will be staying at is a converted Shell service station that is now a Zen Buddhist Bed &  Breakfast. It is run by a Japanese lady named Akiko. We will be staying in the Mango Tree cottage which is is the middle of a rain forest. The other place we will be staying sounds as exciting as Akiko’s. I want to see Volcano National Park as well as the botanical gardens. There are many other places that will be on our list and we expect this to be the best vacation of our lives.

In other news, I have  just returned from the optometrist where I have been fitted with a pair of multi-focus contact lens. I hope to be able to do away with my reading glasses for good but it may take another visit or so to get the prescription right.

Summer is here and I will be getting the pool ready to use. We have already had a couple of 90 degree plus days so it will be nice to have a pool to jump into. I have given up trying to mow the back yard and have contracted to have the back yard mowed and trimmed for 35 dollars. As we anticipate moving soon it did not make financial sense to buy a riding mower and the people that do the yard do a great job.

There is a lot more I could say but I will save it for another day.

Getting into my summer mode.

Our PoolNow that the heat wave has broken I am looking forward to summer. The pool is ready and we all went swimming yesterday. It is not an in ground pool so I cannot swim laps in it but it is still a lot of fun. I hope to go soaring one weekend soon and I am trying to get Teresa or Dana to go with me. I am also looking forward to traveling to Florida to see the launch of STS-125 from Cape Canaveral. Before that our church plans to send volunteers to Gulfport Mississippi to do disaster relief work. I went the year before last and I hope to go this year too. I have no other specific plans for the summer, just taking it easy and enjoying being retired. This will be my first summer since I retired and I plan to make it a memorable one.