Making the most of Summer

While Fall doesn’t officially arrive until September 23rd I have noticed that it is getting cooler in the mornings. So I am making the best use of the final month of summer. The city of Portsmouth was visited last weekend by the USCGC Barque Eagle. The Barque Eagle (WIX-327) is a 295-foot barque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard. While I missed its entrance and docking, I did get down to have a look. There was only one open house, which I missed, so I couldn’t go on board. But I did take quite a few pictures. It is a breathtakingly beautiful ship and I would love to have the chance to sail with her one day.

This weekend, there were two events that occupied my days. The first one was the Seawall Art Show at Portsmouth waterside. There were many vendors with some fantastic art to view and buy. There was one photographer there whose work was wonderful. I should have gone back and bought one of his photos. I think I took one of his business cards so I might go to his gallery yet and buy something. There were different live musical groups there and I listened to the Top Hats Orchestra while I was there. They play mostly big band music and they were very good. One of the vendors was selling fish with all the trimmings but I wasn’t really hungry although the smell was trying to convince me otherwise.

Sunday I attended the annual Tefft family picnic at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach. It is one of my favorite parks and we have had a lot of picnics there. I have 5 brothers but two of them couldn’t make it. But the rest of my brothers and their families were there. The weather was beautiful and as always my brother Jon, who is a great cook, made it a big success. It is always amazing to see how fast the young ones grow up. I need to spend more time with my family. After I left I stopped at the beautiful Japanese Gardens which are a part of the park to take some photos.

So I have had a great summer so far. The weather has been great, the pool as always is relaxing, I have gotten to see my family, and enjoyed several events. The only downside to my summer has been that my Golden Retriever Max has been diagnosed with cancer. He has been on chemo and prednisone and is doing OK, although the chemo has its side effects, the main one being that it is affecting his vision. He will be 12 years old soon and I hope he will be around for a few more years, God willing.


Hope everyone has a wonderful summer. Take care.

Flying, shooting and eating

It has been a busy time since my last entry here. Yesterday we had a family picnic at Red Wing park in Virginia Beach. We had a nice time except things didn’t seem the same without our mother there.

On Saturday I went to the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo to listen to Col. Darryll Welch give a talk on his career as an aviator during WWII. He was a fighter ace who flew in the Mediterranean against the Germans. He flew the P-38 Lightning, which was a twin tailed, twin engine fighter. He is 91 years old and his stories of his war experience were enthralling. After his talk there was a flight demonstration of a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter. I took a lot of photos and video, one of which I will post here.

I went shooting again at the C2 range inĀ  Pungo. This time I took my Mossberg 590 shotgun with me. After 35 rounds of 00 buck shot I have a bruised shoulder and a lot of targets full of holes. That shotgun has a big kick and a lot of firepower. I had a set of night sights put on my Glock by the gunsmith at Bob’s Gun Shop.

My truck is back from the shop. It cost a lot of money but she is running fine now. I hope she will keep running for a while until I can buy another truck or car. I am thinking of buying something at auction.

This coming weekend I will be heading to Washington by bus with 40 other persons to attend the 9/12 rally. This is part of the effort by Glenn Beck of Foxnews to send a message to our government about our concerns with the direction our government is headed. There will be hundreds of thousands of other patriots in attendance and it should be one of the biggest protests in recent history. I am excited about being a part of history in the making. I just hope that President Obama will get the message we are trying to convey instead of belittling and dismissing us as he has in the past.

P-40 Warhawk