Downrange with my new shotgun.

I found a range to shoot my new Mossberg shotgun with. Yesterday I went to the A&P Arms range in Lynnhaven and shot my new shotgun. The trip was more expensive than I had anticipated as for some strange reason you have to buy and use their ammunition, which was ridiculously expensive. Anyway, after reading all the rules and signing my life away, I was assigned to shoot in bay 3 lane 15. I had 15 rounds of 00 buck and 5 targets to shoot at. Loading the shotgun proved to be very easy but I was a little surprised when I fired the first round. I had forgotten how loud a 12 gauge was and how big a kick it delivered. If you don’t hold the shotgun very firmly against your shoulder it will hurt you. Shooting the Mossberg reminded me of just how powerful and deadly it really is. I would hate to be on the receiving end of a load of 9 00 buckshot fired from it.

The pump action was very smooth and I had no misfires or jams. I did very well with accuracy, placing all my shots squarely in the center of the targets. It really helps that the Mossberg has a very useful sight. I fired all 15 of my rounds in about a half hour. I would fire about 3 rounds per target and then analyse my shot patterns. I can safely say that at 25 yards anyone I shot at would be a dead person, although I pray that will never come to pass. So now I feel confidant that I can safely defend our house if the need ever arises. And I managed to have quite a lot of fun in familiarizing myself with my new shotgun.

Just bought a new shotgun.

For some inexplicable reason I have recently become obsessed with buying a home defense weapon. Don’t ask me for a definitive reason why I want a weapon for home defense because I don’t have one. I have owned guns before and I have always enjoyed them. Maybe it is the subconscious worry that the economy may worsen and result in civil unrest. Maybe it is because I am worried that if Obama is elected President I may not be able to legally own a firearm in the future. But mostly I wanted a gun for the security it can provide and the sheer fun of going to a range and blasting away at a target.

So after doing some research on the Internet and asking some police friends for their input I settled on a Mossberg 590 12 ga. pump action shotgun.  Bob’s Gun and Tackle in Norfolk had a good deal on one so yesterday I went down there and filled out the state and federal background check forms. Today I received a call from Bob’s telling me the checks were cleared and I could pick up my shotgun anytime. So now I have a new shotgun, 3 boxes of ammo, and a cleaning kit. The ammo is 00 buckshot with low recoil, escpecially designed for home defense. I have read all the safety literature and the owners manual and now I can’t wait to take it down to the outdoor range in Pungo first chance I get.

I have plenty of experience with firearms as I was trained in the Army to operate and maintain an M14 and an M16. I have previously owned a Ruger mini 14 and a 22 pistol, so I am not a novice when it comes to firearms. I just pray that the only times I fire the Mossberg will be at a range and for fun. I have never shot anyone before and don’t want to. Future post will regale you with my first experience with actually firing the Mossberg. Stay tuned.