Summertime and the livings easy (sometimes)

Yes, it is almost officially Summer, although as far as the weather is concerned it is already here. First a quick update on my dog Max. He has started his chemotherapy and is doing very well. No side effects from the chemo and after blood work and a physical yesterday the vet says his liver is normal sized now and his albumen levels are going back to normal. Max himself seems just like his old self, active, and eating and drinking well. God is truly amazing!

I have been having severe back spasms for a week now, some of the worst I have ever had. But thankfully it seems to be calming down some now. I hate it when I don’t feel my normal self. Our new Pastor is doing a great job and we have had several new families become members. It is great to be able to minister to new people and help and watch as they grow in faith.  As I have been going to the gym pretty regularly, my energy level is up and I am sleeping much better. I hope to be much more active this summer. I hope to take a few short trips and get to the beach, etc.

My new Meizu MX4 phone is a joy, especially when it come to taking photos. I also received my Zidoo X9 Android TV box and am likewise enjoying it. One nice feature it has is an HDMI input so that I can connect by Blu Ray player to it. Been reading several books as that is one of my main forms of entertainment in the summer. I have also realized that the library has a great collection of Blu Ray and DVD movies to rent. That is really cutting down on the movies I am renting from Amazon.

I have engaged a Realtor and have been looking at several house to buy. I have found two that I love although one is out in the middle of nowhere and too far from church. I am not ready to move yet but it is nice to know what you can get for what you can afford.

That’s it for now. Everyone enjoy your summer. God Bless you and keep you./

Zidoo X9
Zidoo X9

Fall is upon us

Summer seems to finally be over. The leaves are filling the pool and the water is too cold to swim in it anymore. We just had a rare Nor’easter which brought 3 days of windy, rainy weather. I took Max for a walk today to Sleepy Hole Park where he went swimming and got himself thoroughly dirty. Since Teresa started working I am having to stay at home more often to watch Kirk. I wish she would quit her job soon. In less than 2 weeks I will be flying down to Orlando for a week to watch the shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral. I am really looking forward to seeing the shuttle and exploring the area. I have signed up for Netflix again and I am getting one movie at a time. So far we have watched “28 Weeks Later”, ” The Bucket List”, and Stephen King’s “1408.” I have also ordered another lecture series from the Teaching Company on Economics. That should keep me occupied for a while. That’s it for now.