Time to vote fast approaching.

As I write this there are only a few days until election day. I won’t say who I am voting for, only that I have been a conservative all my life. I feel that this may be the most important election I have ever voted in. Our country faces tough times ahead and we need a great leader at the helm. As the election approaches the weather here is crazy as usual. Last night the temperature dipped below freezing yet the highs for the next few days will approach 70 degrees. I have been busy with the usual stuff, the Internet, reading, listening to podcasts, and just taking life slowly. I called my brother Jon last night as I want to get together with him and go shooting. I have a new shotgun and he is a gun enthusiast. He has a friend who has a place where we can shoot outdoors, which should be a lot of fun.

There is a friend of mine that I know from Twitter and he is spending three months in Senegal. He posts pictures and tells of his adventures there on his web site. That is one cool thing about the Internet, you can travel the world through the eyes and words of other people. I am really enjoying his posts from Senegal. Our poor dog Max has been battling fleas for some time now. I use Frontline on him every month but somehow he still has fleas. I took him for a flea dip and that killed most of them but I am still having to comb him everyday and spray him with a flea spray. I am hoping the cold weather will break the cycle as I think he is being re-infested from the outdoors. Time will tell.