4th of July Weekend is upon us

I spent as much of the day as the weather would allow me cleaning up the yard for the 4th. My mother and my son will be coming over on the 4th for a cookout. As my mother is living in a nursing home I will have to pick her up but she lives in Chesapeake so it is not far. It will be nice to have them both over to enjoy a nice day together. I don’t get to see my son Jason very often as he seems to work all the time. When I talked to him the other day he told me he had been working in West Virginia setting up a disaster recovery center for the U.S. Coast Guard. He works for a contractor and most of their work is with the Coast Guard and their financial centers.

I got out to Kroger’s to pickup the necessary supplies for tomorrow. The menu consists of hamburgers, hotdogs, brautwurst, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon and all the fixings. There will be soda to drink as well as Dos Equis beer. For desert we will have Louisiana Crunch cake. Sounds pretty good to me. The weather promises to be hot which is perfect 4th of July weather. We have a nice pool to jump into, food and drink, family and maybe some free fireworks later. Who could ask for anything more.