Almost there

Tomorrow will be my last day as a civil service employee. After a retirement service and luncheon I will be heading home to enjoy the rest of my life as a retired person. Everything is go and I am really excited. There is still a little apprehension about things but that will go away after a month or two and I realize that I can get by on my pension and the other savings I have. My mother had her 89th birthday recently and the entire family gathered at my brother Jeff and his wife Donna’s house. It was Mexican night and the food was great and spending time with my family was even better. I hope that being retired will allow me to spend more time with my family and do some of the other things that I have been wanting to do for so long. So many plans, I just hope I will have the time to realize them. 

Happy birthday to me.

Today is my 59th birthday. Not going to say anything about that except that we had cake and ice cream to celebrate. I took a walk at Newport News Park just to stretch my legs. I need to exercise more as I get older as it is very hard to keep the weight off without exercising. As soon as I get my payback amount for my military service I am going to set a date to retire by August. Not exactly sure what my long term plans are except I want to travel and I want to move from this area. I need to start doing my taxes again as tax time is fast approaching. Next Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and I will be rooting for the New York Giants. Just some of the scattered thoughts meandering through my mind.