July Update

I was not feeling too well for a few days recently so I called the doctors office. When I mentioned I had a low grade fever the doctor said I must have a virtual visit as they would not let me in the door. So now it seems like sick people can’t go to the doctor in person now. I simply don’t understand that. In the past if you had a cold or the flu it was no problem seeing the doctor. Now, if you even have a temperature, which can be cause by literally hundreds of things, they won’t see you in person. Immediately, she suggested I get a COVID-19 test, which I agreed to. Today I got the results and they were negative. When is this going to end. I haven’t gotten a COVID vaccine yet and I may or may not ever get one. They keep changing the goalposts. Now they are talking about needing a third COVID vaccine shot. I mean come on.

On a better note July has been pretty good otherwise. Nice weather, other than TS Elisa paying us a visit yesterday. Lost power for 10 minutes. Now the sun is back out. Going to take a walk at the park and a dip in the pool and read a book. I have a long list of books lined up to read. Currently I am reading Dante’s Divine Comedy, as well as taking an online course about it through Hilldale College. When I am finished with the Divine Comedy next up will be John Milton’s Paradise Lost. I have numerous other books I also want to read. Never enough time to read all the books I want to read.

On the political front I continue to be dumbfounded by how far this country is turning to the left. More craziness every day. CRT, BLM, ANTIFA, an incompetent President and even more incompetent Vice-President, the crisis at the border, China and Russia sensing weak leadership and taking advantage of it, I could go on and on. Our children’s heads are being filled with garbage in the public schools. But I do see hope with more and more people finally standing up to the insanity and pushing back.

On a final note, I have given up playing video games finally. I have been playing video games since they first came out. I owned a Mattel Intellivion, an Atari 800, an XBOX, and finally on PC’s. But I have found myself spending too much time playing games, and besides, the ones today are too hard for this old man. I will miss them but not really.

That is it for now. Hope whomever reads this is doing well. Peace, love, and God Bless.

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