Where have I been? What have I been doing? What the hell is going on? After a two year absence I will try to answer those questions, mostly for my own sense of sanity. Yep, it’s now 2021. The awful year 2020 is barely behind me and 2021 is not looking much better.

As to where I have been, it’s a very long story. I think my last post here was Christmas 2018. So much has changed in the intervening years. I’ve gotten older, my mental and physical health has not been all that good, and then the pandemic hit. And don’t get me started on the election and our new President. A lot of the things I used to do were put on hold indefinitely because of the pandemic, lockdowns, and all the other drama that has been going on.

I’m still staying as busy as I can considering all the changes that the pandemic have brought. But a lot has changed for good. I have stopped playing video games, which I have played all my life. I figure at 72 it’s time to spend what time I have left on more grown-up things. I am now taking online courses, reading much more, and being more active in my church. I gave up being church treasurer but am still an elder. I have started to learn how to knit, of all things. Still have Cali with me, thank God, she keeps me sane.

My heart has gotten worse although my diverticulosis has not been a problem. I don’t get as much exercise as I used to and I have not travelled anywhere. No camping in 2020, no family gatherings, no Iron Sharpens Irons men’s meeting, no volunteering at the Chesapeake Animal Shelter, no serving breakfast at Oasis any more. So much of what I enjoyed doing has gone away. Maybe one day when this pandemic nightmare is over most of those activities will return.

The reason I am even writing this after a two year hiatus is for therapeutic reasons. The depression from all this has hit me hard. I have had to go to a therapist and am on medications for anxiety and depression. So doing this will hopefully help.

That’s all for now. Oh, wait. I am still a geek. I am writing this on a new laptop and I have built a new, powerful gaming computer, which I now no longer use for gaming. But I am still doing photography and video shooting so I use it for that. I have been doing live streaming of our church’s service on Facebook for those who are still unable to attend in person. Ok, now that’s all for now. I do hope everyone is fairing well out there during these trying times. Don’t give up and keep the faith. Things will get better.


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