Taking Photos

I have been trying to get out and about even when the weather is not so good to take some photos. I have found that I have been taking a lot of photos with my Nexus 4 smartphones camera although I am not happy with the quality of the photos. My next smartphone will have a much better camera. For really nice photos, I rely on my Panasonic FZ150. It is one of the best cameras I have had. Thought I would post of few of them here for your (hopefully) enjoyment. I am still holding out for a DSLR when I can justify the expense.


2 thoughts on “Taking Photos

  1. But these pictures have come out considerably well. Earlier I used to be picky about pictures and their quality. As time passed and maturity kicked in, though quality pictures stand out I’ve begun to attach more importance to what those pictures meant, spoke or suggested. Seeing a story in each picture may not rely on picture quality. Good job!

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