Things they are a changing.

I have decided to stop recording my personal life on this blog and start using it to talk about various topics that interest me. These topics will be on just about anything. Just a few that come to mind are religion, politics, news, photography, technology, firearms, and anything else that grabs my attention from day to day. So with that in mind I will have my first entry as soon as I think of something to talk about, which shouldn’t be long as there is always something on my mind. I hope to elicit more comments this way as for the most part my personal life is somewhat boring. I will still mention some aspects of my personal life, like when I do things like attend a festival or go to a ball game or something exciting or out of the ordinary occurs.

In October there are a lot of festivals and events that take place and I hope to attend a few of them. I know I will be going to the Military Aviation Museum’s annual Biplane show this October 4th. There is also Octoberfest, the Stockley Gardens Art festival, the Suffolk Peanut Fest, and Driver Days. They should give me something to write about on a personal level. So stay tuned for the next exciting episode….

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