Where have I been?

The last post I wrote for this blog was in September last. What happened? Guess I just lost interest. Anyway, I feel like posting again so here goes.

Just a few things to write about now, with more in following posts as I try to catch up. On the technology side, since my last post I have bought a Kindle Fire and a Samsung Dart smartphone. I really needed a new phone as my old Nokia was a POS. The new Dart has everything I need, especially sound quality. I find myself using it a lot for sending text messages as well as casual web surfing. I do not have a data plan and am only using wi-fi. I am able to find quite a few free hotspots so a data plan is not needed for now.

The Kindle Fire was a purchase I had not needed to make but I could no longer resist the lure of a tablet. And when I found a refurbished one for only 139 dollars, resistance was futile. Needless to say I am in love with the Kindle Fire and use it all the time. Reading books, checking email. listening to music and podcasts, as well as web surfing and using any number of useful apps, the Kindle is great.

And to make it even more useful, I rooted it and installed the latest ICS ROM from AOKP. Removing the KIndle skinned version of Android with all its bloatware has made it a much more useful and pleasant experience. 

One other thing to note is that I took my son Jason for a one hour plane ride in a Cessna 172. I don’t fly but I am trying to get him interested in flying. So far he seems to enjoy it but is too busy with work to spare the time for flying lessons. I hope that changes soon.

Lastly, we spent way too much money and had a new deck built to replace our old, falling apart one. The new deck is great. I will post a photo of it. That is all.


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