Feeding My Geek Side

I have been a geek for as long as I can remember, going back to when I didn’t even know what geek meant. As a child, all I wanted for Christmas was a chemistry set, an electronics kit, or a microscope. In school my favorite subjects where biology, chemistry, and physics. I followed the space program starting from the original Mercury Seven. I built a Heathkit radio and built and launched model rockets. In college I earned a degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology and later Computer Science. I remember my first 4 function LED calculator replacing my slide rule in college. I have had computers from an Atari 800XL and Mattel Intellivision, to my present Dell Dimension E521. I remember 300 baud dial-up modems and BBS’s. I think you get the picture.

In the last couple of years my attention has been focused on firearms. I have always enjoyed shooting and since I have retired I have spent much of my time acquiring and shooting firearms. While doing this, my other passion, technology, has sort of languished. Recently, starting with the introduction of tablet PC’s and a host of other new technology, my interest has returned once again to all things geek. Within the last six months I have bought an LG Blu-ray disc player with Internet capability, a new cable modem, a new Cisco dual-band 802.11/n wireless gigabit router, and a Buffalo Technologies 1 TB NAS. (Network attached storage). This is in addition to the Roku Internet media device I already owned.

With an internal 250 GB hard drive in the LG disc player, the 600 GB drive in my Dell Dimension PC, and the 1 TB of my NAS, I now have almost 2 TB of disc storage. My wireless network is now much faster than it used to be. I am able to stream audio, photos, and high definition video to my Samsung HDTV and 5.1 surround sound system flawlessly. The Internet content that is accessible to me via my Roku box and my LG Blu-ray disk player is astounding. I have been seriously thinking about cutting the cable TV cable and saving a significant amount of money every month. There is very little available via cable TV that I cannot get over the Internet with my present setup.

I think for the present my appetite for technology has been sated. At least I hope it has as my wallet can not take any more. That is all. Peace.

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