It’s 2011

Wow, it is a new year and this is the first post I have written. A lot has happened since my last post Christmas Eve. Again, I am not sure why it has been so long between posts. Maybe I just hate winter.

I have had a birthday, and now I am 62 years old. I am not sure how I feel about that. Mostly I wonder where all the years went. Nothing too significant has happened in the last two months, although we did get another big snow storm.

I had some old color slides from 1971 that I sent off to be converted to digital format. They are photos from when I was stationed at Vint Hill Farms Station while I was in the Army. There are also some slide from when we lived in Corpus Christi, Texas and while our family was visiting my Grandparents in Ripley, New York. They sure did bring back old times.

I have been watching my finances closely lately, as the economy is not well and food prices have been skyrocketing. I did break down and buy a new Buffalo 1TB NAS for my home network as well as a new dual band 802.11n router with gigabit ethernet. I hope to use them to stream video to my LG Blu ray player to watch on my HDTV.

I might go to to a gun show today, although I will probably not buy anything. I just like looking at all the guns and accessories. Well, that is all for now. Peace.

Family in Ripley
Grandpa Bemis, Mom, Chris, Jeff, Me, Jon, Michelle, Cheri

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