It is Christmas Day

It is Christmas morning once again. The weather service is calling for snow today. This will be the fourth snowfall we have had this Fall and Winter. The last significant snow we had on Christmas Day was a long time ago. My son Jason is coming over as is Teresa’s daughter Dana and her boyfriend Chris. We will be having a Christmas brunch of waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and ham. Then it will be time to open presents and have a great Christmas.

Last night our church had our annual Christmas Eve communion. I did the slide show with the accompanying lyrics for the hymns as well as being the voice of Jesus and serving communion. There was a large crowd in attendance and the service was lovely. The service always helps to put me in a Christmas mood and reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.

So to all of you out there, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings, and all that. Be excellent to one another. Live a cut above. Do not succumb to the vices of this world. Be the miracle you seek.

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