It Takes an act of Congress

Lately it seems like it takes an act of Congress to get me to update my blog. I am not exactly sure why that is. It is not as though I had nothing going on in my life worth writing about. In fact, there has been a lot happening in my life worth writing about. So I will get right to it.

I guess the biggest thing that has happened lately was my vacation to North Carolina. I spent a week in Boone, North Carolina with my brothers Chris and Jon and my sister-in-law Regina. We spent a week in late August seeing the local sights including the Blue Ridge Parkway. Some of the highlights were white water rafting on the French Broad river and climbing Grandfather Mountain. We also visited the Mast General Store, Linville Falls, parts of Tennessee, a mineral museum, vineyard, and numerous other sites. The weather was great and I had a great time. Lots of video and pictures are available on Flickr and YouTube. You can find them by visiting my web page at The Mind of Tefft

I also went to the Biplanes and Zeppelins show at the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, Virginia. Many recreations of WWI biplanes, of both the Allied and Axis forces, were on display. All of the planes were flyable and many of them took to the skies for demonstrations. There were also displays of military hardware and equipment, as well as vendors and food. It was also a great time and yes, there are videos and photos available on Flickr and YouTube.

A lot of other things have been keeping me busy, which may be why I have not updated this blog. I bought a used M1 carbine which I have taken to the range a couple of times. My treasurer duties at church have keep me busy too. I upgraded the OS on my Dell Mini 9 netbook and have had to order a new battery for it as the old one won’t hold a charge any longer. Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the way.

All in all life has been good and I have little to complain about. I hope life has been treating you as well as it has been treating me. That’s it for now. Peace out.

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