New Car after 15 years

I have been quiet on my blog for a while. Lots of things have been going on but for some reason I have not felt the need to chronicle any of it. But today I had a little time on my hands so I thought I would do a little catch-up. I guess the biggest thing that has happened recently is I have bought a new car (SUV) after driving my trusty old Ford Ranger for almost 15 years. The Ranger is getting up in miles (190,00) and I don’t really trust if for any long trips any more. So after some research I decided on a Honda Element. The Element is one of the few cars on the highway that I like the styling of. I also like the fact that it is a Honda and therefore very reliable with a high resale value. I don’t plan on buying another car for a long time so reliability is very important to me. I still have the Ranger, as it has very little resale value. I will still use it for short trips around town.

I am going to take a week vacation with my brothers Chris and Jon and Chris’ wife Regina. We have rented a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. I am really looking forward to getting away from things for a while. I have been shooting a lot, and recently participated in a Bowling Pins Shooting event at the range in Wakefield. You have 15 seconds to shoot 5 bowling pins off of a table. A set consists of 4 turns at shooting the bowling pins off of the table. I didn’t do as good as I thought I would, which means I need to get back to the range for some practice. It was a lot of fun and I plan on competing again. I also plan on competing in the next AR15 competition. That consists of firing at 100 yard targets from a standing, kneeling, and sitting position. I think I can do better at that than I did with the bowling pins.

Lots of other things going on. Been busy as the treasurer at church as well as cleaning out the garage and doing other things around the house. Now that I have a reliable car I plan on taking a few long day trips and maybe a few overnight trips to see some things I have been wanting to see but have been putting off. I try to keep busy but I still find myself getting bored from time to time. I am also still planning on moving out of the area in the near future but it will not be as easy as I thought it would be.

That’s it for now. Hopefully it won’t be so long before my next post.

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