Cowboy Action Shooting

I attended my first Cowboy action shooting competition at the Airfield Shooting Club a couple weekends ago. Cowboy action shooting is where people dressed in authentic period costumes of the past compete by firing pistols, rifle, and shotgun in a timed event against steel targets. Each shooter fires 5 rounds from first one and then another pistol. Then they shoot a rifle, and finally a shotgun against steel targets. Score is based on hits scored and elapsed time. I did not actually participate but did film some of the shooting as well as take some pictures. It was a lot of fun to watch and the period firearms and costumes were very interesting. I am including some of the video and pictures I took at the end of this post.

In other news, it looks like Spring if finally here. We had a pretty wet, windy, and wild winter with several Nor’easters so I am sure most people are ready for Spring and Summer. I have been busy at church with my duties as head of the Elders Committee and treasurer. Our church seems to be doing well now that we have a new minister. I few new faces have been showing up at Sunday worship and that is a good thing. We cooked and sold Brunswick stew again and things were much easier this time around as there were more volunteers to prepare and sell the stew.

Still enjoying going to the range to shoot and attending gun shows. I will be going to a show next weekend primarily to buy ammo but you never know when an M1 Garand or Mauser may call to me. The planned trip to Kentucky to attend the Knob Hill Machine Gun Shoot is off due to the cost of attending. With the economy in the state it is in I need to be wise with the money I spend. I am always planning on the next vacation. Teresa wants to go to Italy and I favor going to Alaska. I am sure we will work something out soon. We are also still planning on moving out of state someday but the prospects of doing so are daunting.

That’s it for now.

Cowboy Action Shooting

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