A Wild February

This February was a wild one with regard to the weather. I think we had four nor’easters, most of them bringing us snow. The largest snowfall was 6 or 7 inches with a subsequent one bringing an additional inch. Our dogs Max and Tripod really enjoyed romping in the snow. I think it may have been the first time for Tripod. Since he is a chihuahua he had a unique way of bounding through the snow. When he fell through the snow he would splay out his back legs to keep him from going deeper into the snow.

Being the new treasurer at church has kept me busy, in fact it has kept me busier than I really want to be. But it is a job that has to be done so I am not complaining too much. I am hoping to give my job as the multimedia specialist of our church to a new member as soon as he is ready to take it.

I broke down and bought another gun this month. This time I bought a Rossi .357 magnum revolver. It is not the most expensive revolver available but I am more than happy with it. It has an impressive signature when fired and seems to be more accurate than my Glock. I did some volunteer work at the Norfolk gun show last weekend for the shooting club I am a member of. Each member is required to donate time in support of the club or pay a monetary fine. It was actually quite enjoyable as I got to talk to a lot of interesting people.

Not much else to talk about except we are planning a trip to Lexington Kentucky this April for a weekend. We may also be going to the mountains in North Carolina for a week in August to share a cabin with my brothers. Both sound like a lot of fun. That’s it for now.

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