Happy New Year

It has been a while since I last posted here. There are a few reasons why I have not been very prolific but I won’t go into them. We had a low-key Christmas this year. No one in my family was in much of a Christmas spirit since our mother died and it showed at Christmas time. I only bought a few presents this year and received only a few. Teresa gave me a new wallet and some clothes and I got her a years subscription to the Wall Street Journal. For my son Jason I bought him a nice folding pocket knife. I was Santa for a child in Portsmouth and contributed to the world wide Christmas shoe box project. We did have a live tree this year instead of the usual artificial one. The New Year also came and went quietly. I am cautiously optimistic that 2010 will be a better year than 2009.

I guess the big news is that I am now the treasurer for my church. The former treasurer resigned after serving as treasurer for 28 years. I really didn’t want the job but since no one else stepped forward I reluctantly accepted. I am a little intimidated by the position but I think things will work out OK. I had been warned that being retired does not always translate into doing only what you want to do with your time. But I should be honored that the members of my church has enough confidence in me to elect me to the position.

Since joining the Airfield Shooting Club in Wakefield I have been shooting more frequently. I really enjoy going to the range as you have more control over the operation and oftentimes I am the only one there. I have made a couple videos of me shooting there and I hope I can embed one in this post. More to talk about but I want to keep this post brief. Hopefully it won’t be such a long time between posts in this new year. That’s it for now.

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