Death of my Mother

90th birthday 004I have not written anything lately because my mother (Jane Tefft) died unexpectedly on May 2nd. I had just taken her shopping a couple of  days earlier and she had a wonderful time. Then she fell and fractured her back May 1st. At first the doctors thought she would be OK but she developed a clot and her body shut down and she died the next day. The funeral was this Saturday at Rosewood Cemetery. Her ashes were placed beside my Dad, who died in 1986. My brother’s and  grandchildren spoke eloquently at the service. We then had our annual Tefft picnic at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to remember and celebrate her life.

She was 90 years old and had a full life full of  the love that touched so many. She made us who we were and there will always be a vacuum in my life that her love used to fill. She will be greatly missed by many but never forgotten.

Other news of my life will follow as soon as I  can summon the strength to write again.

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