Checking our emergency supplies

I woke up this morning and turned the TV to the Weather channel to see what was happening with Hurricane Gustov. Gustov made landfall as predicted west of New Orleans but fortunately was only a category 3. From what I have seen on the Weather channel coverage New Orleans is faring much better than it did with Hurricane Katrina three years ago. What has me worried is that TS Hanna is now a hurricane and is threatening the East coast. It is not likely to directly influence us as early predictions show it making landfall in Georgia. But you never know with hurricanes so I have been checking our emergency supplies. While I was doing that TS Ike has formed in the middle Atlantic and another potential storm is off the coast of Africa. So as the peak of the hurricane season fast approaches things are really heating up in the Atlantic.

As far as supplies go we are pretty well prepared. I have emergency MRE’s enough for 4 days and other emergency supplies like water, first aid, weather radio, batteries, etc. that should see us through all but the worst hurricane. I bought a backpack a couple of years ago that is packed with emergency supplies that will supplement the existing supplies. If it appears that a hurricane is really going to hit our area I will buy additional supplies from the grocery store so we should be well prepared. I just hope that we will not have to use any of this stuff.

I also hope that no hurricanes impact the Kennedy Space Center as I already have hotel reservations and a plane ticket to go there for the October 8 launch of STS-125. I am really excited about going down there and seeing the shuttle launch. I bought a ticket package that will allow me to tour the KSC facilities and observe the night launch from the Visitor Center there.

TS Hanna
TS Hanna

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