A Friday at home.

Teresa is working at Jeb’s today so it was just Kirk, Max, and me. I was not feeling very well this morning so I laid around for a couple of hours and then decided to take Kirk to the mall for a while. We jumped into the truck and off we went. Once we got to the mall I was feeling a little better but not 100 percent so we didn’t do much shopping. I bought Kirk a drink and then I got him into one of those machines that takes you photo and then makes a caricature or a line drawing of the photo. For $2.00 you get two photos taken and one of them drawn and printed out. I had a hard time getting Kirk to look into the camera so we only got a half portrait of Kirk to take home. It was really not that bad but I plan on taking him back when I am feeling better and get another one done.

In other news, I have been upgrading my applications on the web. My WordPress blog has a new theme and some new plugins and I upgraded my Joomla CMS to the newest iteration. I have been tempted lately to buy a new PC or a laptop to replace the old one I am currently using, but for now I can’t really justify the expenditure, especially since I am living on my retirement annuity.

Last night I called a transition team meeting at our church to work on a vision and mission statement. We had previously written a behavioral covenant but we have never had a vision and mission statement. We made great progress on the vision statement and with a little wordsmithing it should be done soon. I will have to call another meeting to put together a mission statement. That’s it for now.


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