I must be crazy.

New MeI could blame it on the heat but it has been pretty cool lately. Yesterday was the start of summer and the weather has been very mild. We had a couple of thunderstorms but they did not deliver much rain. So why did I decide to cut off all my hair? I have not had a haircut since I retired April 3rd so I was long overdue. The barber has not been able to do much with my hair for years now as I have less of it each year. So today I just decided to get rid of it all. I asked Teresa to break out our electric shears and she went at me like a sheep in Australia. When she was done I was actually quite pleased with the results. The last time I had hair this short was boot camp in the U.S. Army in 1968. But this is going to be my look from now on, there is no going back. I expect to get a few comments when I go to church tomorrow but that is OK. There are several benefits from having hair this short. It requires very little combing or brushing and I will no longer have that just got out of bed hair look. And what with being retired and on a reduced income I will save a couple hundred dollars a year. Maybe I will grow a mustache back to compensate, just kidding.

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