Summer is almost here.

It will officially be summer in a few days. This will be my first summer as a retired person. The last time I had an entire summer off was when I was in Junior High School. So I hope this summer will be a memorable one. I have lots of plans and ideas for keeping busy. We have our pool where I expect to be spending a lot of time. The hammock is also I nice place to spend some time. Away from home Hoffler Creek now rents canoes and kayaks to explore the nearby creeks and waterways. I still plan on going soaring at the airport is Isle of Wight. I want to go to the beach, including Assateague beach and the beaches on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am still planning on driving down to Florida to watch STS-125 launch, although that is in October and not officially summer. I am sure I will think of other things to do. After all I have all the time in the world, I’m retired.

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