Momentous Events

I don’t know why I have not written lately, I guess I have been pretty busy with other things. I have finished with the cottage meetings at our house for the New Beginnings program for our church. I attended a weekend retreat to learn communication, team building, and problem solving skills. I have also been going to a Chiropractor this week to see if he can help with my neck popping and sore shoulder. I am still reserving judgment on the Chiropractor for now. But I guess by far the biggest thing to report is that I will be retiring from civil service after 28 years. I will retire on April 3rd from my job with the U.S. Army at Fort Monroe. The finances look pretty good and I got a $25,000 VSIP bonus with the retirement package. So after working full-time for 41 years I am joining the ranks of the retired. I am still pinching myself to see if it is all really happening. To further reinforce the reality of my pending retirement my boss of 3 years at TRADOC retired today after 31 years of federal service. We had a retirement ceremony for him and he actually choked up near the end and could not speak. I fear the same might happen to me when my turn comes. We have many plans for our joint retirement, foremost among them being moving from Virginia to either Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, or Tennessee. After living my entire adult life in Virginia I am ready for new horizons. Much more to report soon.

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