This, that, and the other.

There is more crazy weather to report. Yesterday it was 78
degrees, 2 degrees short of a record high. The rest of February looks like it
is going to have temperatures well above average. Looks like winter never came
this year, we are going to go from Fall to Spring with no winter in between. I
have been very busy at work and my spare time has been occupied with our New
Beginnings cottage meetings at church. I have been hosting the meetings at our
house. There is going to be a church retreat in a couple of weeks which I am
going to attend. I went to one last year and it was a very rewarding
experience. It looks like I will really be retiring this year and there may
ever be some VSIP money ($25,000) available this time. The VSIP money would
help a great deal with buying our new house wherever we decide to move. I have got
to make Hungarian goulash tonight for our office specialty potluck dinner. Enough

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