In over my head.

I hope I am not in over my head at my church. I seem to have
a penchant for saying yes to everything my church asks me to do. Right now I am
chair of the interim team which is tasked with writing a mission and vision
statement and a behavioral covenant. I am also a member of the New Beginnings
committee and am co-hosting 4 cottage meetings over the next month. In addition
I have recently become a deacon of the church and have volunteered to help with
communion this month. Last but not least I have accepted the position of
Outreach director. Oops, one more thing is that I have volunteered (very
reluctantly) to go back to Gulfport
in March for another week of disaster recovery assistance. I think I need to
stop volunteering for things for a while. I have stopped helping feed the
homeless at the Oasis every third Wednesday of the month but that is only
because I keep forgetting to get up at 5 am. Guess I am making up for all the
years when I did nothing for any church or God and volunteered for almost

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