The New Year Approaches

Teresa and I are both home with bad colds. What a great way to end 2007. Christmas day at my brother Marc’s house was very nice. My son Jason really liked the iTouch that I got him for Christmas. As for me, Dana gave me a gift card to Borders book store and Teresa gave me a nice pair of shoes and a sweater. That is all I really wanted for Christmas. To me Christmas gift giving is for the children. My family decided this year not to get each other anything unless they wanted to. I think that taking the pressure of gift buying out of Christmas allows one to enjoy Christmas more. On another note, my neck and shoulder have been bothering me a lot lately and I need to go to the chiropractor and get my spine aligned or something. Today the Patriots of the NFL will try to go 16-0. If they succeed it will surpass the Dolphins 14-0 regular season record. Naturally I will be rooting for the underdog. Now if Teresa and I can just shake off this cold and enjoy what’s left of 2007.

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